Uploading your Artwork

Getting your artwork to us is very easy. You can upload them directly through our website or by using our alternative file submission methods in situations where the standard upload method is not convenient. Our methods ensure that we can match your artwork to the specific order you’ve placed. We do not accept files via email, CD/DVD or USB flash disks.

After receiving your artwork files, we will validate it (FREE file check) using our state of the art pre-flight software to ensure it was prepared according to our specifications. We will correct most minor issues we find but will let you know if we encounter any problem that requires your attention and also offer advice on how to correct it. So, to avoid any delays in your order, please make sure you read our artwork specifications completely before uploading.

Feel free to contact us at any time if you need help.

Sending your artwork/design files

As listed in our artwork specifications, you can supply a number of different file types like PDFs, CDRs, high-resolution JPEGs or TIFFs. However, we prefer production ready PDFs as they ensure your lines and text are sharp and crisp.

We recommend sending us your files as soon as your order has been placed to avoid any unnecessary delays.  Please follow the steps below to send us your artwork files:

1. Access your file upload link

We accept artwork files through our website. When you have placed your order and completed payment, you will be directed to a “Thank You” page which contains a File Upload section for you to immediately upload your artwork files.

If you prefer to upload your files later, you will find the link to upload your files in the order acknowledgement email that will be sent to you (with your invoice), or you can alternatively access it by logging into your PaperbagShop account, navigate to the “Orders” section, locate the order you wish to upload files to in the list and click on the blue “Upload Files” button.

2. Attach and upload files

  1. Click “Upload File(s)”
  2. Locate the file on your computer and select it (then click “OK”)
  3. You can upload up to two (2) files for each product you order, so if you have more than one file to upload, you will need to upload them one after the other using the spaces provided on the upload screen.
  4. After attaching all files (maximum of 2), click the “Submit” button to complete your upload.

3. Confirmation of upload

It is very important that you click the “Submit” button and see the confirmation screen that informs you your files have been received.

To confirm that your files uploaded correctly, log into your account on our website and click “Orders”, then locate the order you uploaded files to and click the “View” link to see order details and status. If files are uploaded correctly your order status will be “Files Uploaded”, which means your files were successfully uploaded and are in the queue to be reviewed. You may see “Awaiting Customer Approval” if your order has been processed further.

Please contact Customer Service for assistance if your order status is still “Awaiting Artwork Files” or you are having any issues with sending us your files.

Please note that you can only upload a maximum of two (2) files to a product order. If you need to upload more files, please combine the files into one ZIP file (using an application such as Winzip, WinRAR, etc) and upload the ZIP file (max. size is 25MB).

Alternative file upload methods.

We encourage you to upload your files through our website since this is the fastest and most efficient way to get your files to us. However, if you are having trouble uploading your file to your order via our website, or the file size is too large (over 25mb), you can send the file using a file sharing service like Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.

Uploading via Dropbox

Dropbox is our preferred file sharing service and it offers up to 2GB on free accounts but if you are using another service, simply follow their steps and procedure for uploading files. The file must be downloadable without us needing to create an account with the online service or requiring a password. Steps to uploading via Dropbox are:

  1. Before you begin, you will need to sign into your Dropbox account, or create a new account
  2. Upload the file to your Dropbox account (see Instructions).
  3. Select “Share link to document” and copy the link provided.
  4. Next, compose an email with your order number in the subject line, paste the Dropbox link you copied in Step 3 above into the body of the email and send it to: artwork@paperbagshop.com.ng

NOTE: Files sent via this process may experience a delay in proofing as it is processed manually. If you do not receive confirmation that the email and file was received within 8 business hours of sending it, please contact our Customer Service team.

Please, do not send files as attachments to email as such files will not be processed.