Production Turnaround Time

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Production turnaround time represents the number of business days it takes for us to manufacture your products and it does not include delivery time. Production time does not begin upon placement of your order. It starts when you approve your artwork (after placing order and uploading artwork) and ends when your products leave our production center on their way to you.

Depending on quantities ordered and how busy we are, it typically takes an average of 7-10 working days to process your order, print your design, make your bags and pack them ready for delivery to you. However, with our flexible turnaround options, you can select your production turnaround time based on your requirements in order to determine how quickly you will receive your purchase.

Our production facilities are closed for Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, so these days are not considered when calculating production turnaround time.

Production Time Options

While placing an order, determine when you need your paper bags to arrive and then select the appropriate turnaround time to meet that goal. You can choose between Standard and Express turnaround options so you’ll have your order exactly when you want it. Please get in touch with us if you need your bags even quicker than Express.

NOTE: If you don’t need your order right away, you can save money by choosing the standard turnaround. With this option, your bags are priced at the normal rates but the price is increased if you select Express Turnaround. Generally, the less urgent your order is, the lower your price. Our production process is designed to be very efficient and this helps us keep prices low, so speeding up your order when you select Express Turnaround means we incur lots of extra costs. To help us cover these costs, we add a small premium (30% of normal price) to the normal purchase price – we believe this is only fair.